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TV's Wholesome 'Village Girl' Ties One On

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 April 2015)

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Letting off steam after a long day feigning innocence.

The TV show "Guzel Koylu" (Beautiful Village Girl) is filmed
in Bozuyuk town in Yatagan district of Mugla province.  Su
Kutlu (24) plays 'Sude', the lead character.  One night recently at
around 1 AM, after drinking alcohol, Kutlu was told that the bar
she was at in Mugla was closing, but she refused to leave.

Kutlu harassed the other patrons and eventually tried to leave
the bar with a bottle of liquor to drink on the street.  Told that
it was forbidden to take liquor out of the bar, Kutlu kicked and
punched a waiter, and then cursed and insulted the bar workers
as she was forcibly removed.

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  So wholesome and innocent on the set...

Subsequently, Kutlu called police and claimed that she had
been beaten.  She was brought in for a health exam and found
to have a blood alcohol level of 1.99 promil.  At the police
station Kutlu filed complaints against the bar workers. However,
police reviewed the video images from the bar and determined
that Kutlu had refused to leave, tried to take a bottle of liquor
out of the bar and kicked and punched a waiter.

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                  From village girl to city girl.

The video also showed that Kutlu was ejected from the premises
by another waiter.  The bar owner filed his own complaint against
Kutlu for slander and said that "This bar has been here for 40 years.
We never have noise or fights. We advised her of our rules but she
was drunk and out of control.  The video proves us right"

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                  Mugla province.

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