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Gigolo Hopefuls Eager but Pimp's a Fraud

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(Sabah Newspaper, 19 April 2015)

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  They didn't even get the t-shirt!

A record-breaking court case has been opened against nine suspects,
6 of whom are in custody, for hoodwinking hundreds of people on
the internet with the promise of a job as a gigolo.  A sentence of
2,077 years (!) has been requested for gang leader Osman Birgul.

The gang's victims were told that they would earn between 2,000
and 3,000 TL (appx. $900-$1,400) from the women they would
supposedly have relations with.  The offer was advertised on some
internet sites and a member fee of 150 TL was requested from

The investigation into the gang began in 2013 when Oktay C. filed
a complaint with the Manisa police. Ultimately, it was determined
that 297 individuals had been defrauded.  According to Oktay C.,
he went to a bank to deposit the membership fee, as he had been
instructed to do, but saw a suspicious vehicle so he did not deposit
the money.  

Soon afterwards, Oktay C. received a phone message that read:
"Dear model, since you did not deposit your membership fee in
our bank account, your file has been directed to lawyer Kemal A."
Oktay C. then showed the message to the police. The ensuing
investigation into the bank account number, and the cellphone
number the message came from, led police to the gang members.
A total of 297 people had already deposited money in the account.

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Gigolo dreams ended for nearly 300 hopefuls in Manisa.

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