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Harbored Sibling Grudge; Swallowed Toothbrush

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 26 April 2015)

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Brotherly squabble years ago had long legs...

In Ermenek district of Karaman province, Tamer Altin (23)
killed his brother Mustafa Altin (20) by shooting him with a
hunting rifle.  The claim was made that the older brother killed
the younger because Mustafa had cut Tamer's ball when he was
10 years-old. Tamer evidently carried a grudge against his
brother from that time on.

On 16 April,  a motorcycle was found overturned and a body
discovered on the stream bank in Yerbag village.  At the time
it was thought that Mustafa Altin had died as the result of
an accident.  However, the autopsy revealed that Mustafa had
been shot in the chest.

The Gendarmerie began an investigation which focused on
Tamer after he gave contradictory statements. Ultimately,
Tamer admitted that he had killed his brother. In his statement,
Tamer stated that when he was 10 his brother had cut his ball,
took his money and threatened Tamer not to tell their parents.
From that day forward, Tamer harbored a grudge against

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Ermenek district is in southern Karaman province.

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 April 2015)

Diş fırçası elinden midesine kaçtı!
Note to Oral-B: Tell consumers not to swallow this. 

In Ayvalik district of Balikesir province, a woman named
H.T.O., who lives in the Camobo neighborhood,  swallowed
her toothbrush while brushing her teeth and was hospitalized.
The implement was stuck in her esophagus and she was
operated on at Ayvalik State Hospital.

After an operation that lasted 40 minutes, Dr. Erdinc Karagozler
and his team removed the 15-centimeter (about 6 inches) toothbrush
from the woman's stomach.  H.T.O. condition was described as

Dr. Karagozler remarked that "we don't know how she swallowed
it. Perhaps with the retching reflex the toothbrush flew out of her
hands. I was surprised that a hard 15 centimeter toothbrush could
make its way to the stomach but these things can happen."

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Ayvalik is on Balikesir's Aegean coast. 

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