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Turkish 'Crazy Head'; Argentine 'Samuray'

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(Sabah Newspaper, 16 April 2015)

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            While awake, in happier days...

Cemal Delibas (his surname literally means, 'crazy head'), is
being tried for strangling his wife while she was sleeping.
For his defense, Delibas says that "I have REM (rapid eye movement)
disease." He has been transported to a hospital for an examination.

Delibas strangled his wife of 46 days, Oznur Delibas,  in 2012
with his bare hands. His trial is continuing  at the Anadolu Justice
Palace in Istanbul and  he is facing life in prison.

In his own defense, Delibas stated that "I may have killed my
wife but it happened while I was sleeping...because I have REM
disease."  In response, the court ordered that the suspect be taken
to Yedikule Chest Diseases Hospital so that a report could be
prepared with regard to whether or not Delibas does indeed suffer
from REM disease.  Delibas will remain in the hospital for 17 days
to undergo various tests.

rem disease  //yes, Cemal, there is a REM disease, so good luck!//

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Cemal thought his wife was Joe Frazier.


turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 16 April 2015)

//ed. note: once again TNT is forced to import an irresistible item from
Argentina. (see recent TNT  report about a (late) Argentine farmer
and his lover-scarecrow.)//

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Robbers now concede they need to improve their target analysis.

In Argentina, four armed bandits were shocked when the 'victim' whose
house they chose to rob turned out to be a sword-wielding 'Samuray'.

The incident occurred in Cordoba.  Dias Costa (49), an expert in Far East
fighting sports,  grabbed his samuray sword when he saw the robbers in
his house.  The intruders suffered gashes on their necks, arms, faces and
backs from the sword blows. The suspects stole Costa's car in order to
escape from him.  They crashed the car, though, and were captured.
After treatment at a hospital the robbers were brought to a police station.

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Argentina: far away but close to TNT's heart.

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