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Runaway Dogs on Runway; 2nd Hand Gravestones

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 23 April 2015)

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Showing doggy deference, THY didn't land on top of them.

A Turkish Airlines (THY) flight from Zurich was beginning to
descend to land at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul when the
captain noticed dogs on the runway.  He notified the tower and
was instructed to take another pass at the runway.

THY officials then notified firemen who came and chased the
dogs away. The incoming flights from Sarajevo and Dakkha
also had to take an extra pass at the runway because of the dogs.

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turkce links to original Turkish article

(Posta Newspaper, 23 April 2015)

  "Hey, what can I tell you. I'm into recycling."

A person who went to Kirankoy Cemetery in Ilkadim,
Samsun, noticed that two headstones were missing.  Police
then monitored workshops in the area that make gravestones.

A few days later the missing headstones were returned
to their proper places.  Police got contradictory statements
from headstone maker Selamet A., suspected that he
was the culprit and took him into custody.

As for Selamet A., he explained that "I was going to erase
the writing on the headstones and sell them again. When I
realized I was going to get caught, I put them back."

               Ilkadim is near Samsun city.

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