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White Folks Started Out in Anatolia

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 8 April 2015)

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White skin genes en route to Europe long ago. Who knew?

Geneticist Dr. Iain Mathieson has announced the results of
his research based on data concerning the history of white people
in Europe, at the American Physical Anthropology Association's
84th Congress.

Experts compared  DNA samples taken from the remains of
prehistoric humans found in various regions of Europe with the DNA
of modern Europeans, and isolated three genes that caused the
emergence of white skin.

The experts found that human who came from Africa to Europe
40,000 years ago and those who lived as hunters 8,500 years ago
in today's Spain, Luxembourg and Hungary, carried none of these
genes and were quite dark-skinned.

Researchers discovered that two of the white skin genes - SLC24A5
and SLC45A2 - were carried into Europe from Anatolia - today's
Turkey - , by migrating farmers 8,000 years ago.  These farmers
mixed with the local people in Europe, spreading the genes that
cause white skin throughout the region.

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