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After 35 Years in 7 U.S. Prisons, Back in Istanbul

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 April 2015)

Fit at 67. Prison work-out program worked wonders.

Fikri Bayramoglu (67) went to prison in California, USA, in 1980
for killing his girlfriend Tracy Lee Jones. After spending 35 years
in U.S. prisons, Bayramoglu returned to Turkey three days ago.

Two Turkish policemen escorted Bayramoglu back to Istanbul from
the USA and he spent his first night back in a police station. After
court proceedings the next day, he was released and then went to visit
his brother Ufuk and his wife and two nephews whom he had never
seen.  Yesterday he went to the Bosphorus to relieve his longing for

Bayramoglu's older sister Nazli married a staff member from the
U.S. Consulate in Istanbul in the early 1960s and then settled in
California, summoning her siblings to come there, too. At the time,
Fikri Bayramoglu was driving a 1948 model Plymouth as a
'dolmus' (collective taxi) between Sisli and Caglayan in Istanbul.

Fikri went to America in 1978 , despite his father's strong objections,
met Tracy Lee Jones, who was in her early 20s, and began to live
with her.  However, Jones' mother came down with cancer so Jones
left Fikri in 1980 to look after her.  Incensed, Fikri shot Jones dead
with a revolver and put the gun to his own head, but it jammed. He
grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed himself in the chest, with one
of the jabs reaching to within 11 millimeters of his heart.

Miraculously, Fikri survived but was sentenced to life in prison.
While in prison he was found in possession of a knife, wrote
nasty letters to prison authorities and couldn't take advantage of
parole. After spending 35 years in 7 jails, Fikri was discharged
from Chuckawalla Prison, in Blythe, California, three days ago.

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