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Age Hasn't Mellowed This Killer

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 3 April 2015)

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               Eastern Anatolia

Last Tuesday, Hasan Huseyin V. (HHV, 70)  killed a person in the
middle of the street in Malatya.  It turns out that HHV had been
convicted of injuring his wife and was on leave in Malatya
from Trabzon Minimum Security Prison.

On 31 March, in the Barguzu section of Malatya, HHV shot his
friend, retired worker Mehmet Canturk (62) with a revolver. HHV
fled the scene but was soon taken into custody by police.  HHV, who
walks with a cane these days, was involved in the murder of a woman
in the 1970's.  However, he was able to take advantage of a mass
pardon and was discharged from prison at that time.

Four years ago HHV attacked his wife with a knife and was sentenced
to 10 years in jail.  After serving part of the sentence in prison in Rize,
HHV was moved to the jail in Trabzon. He was able to get a 5-day
pass (!) and went to Malatya four days prior to the murder incident.
He was planning to return to Trabzon by bus at 1800 hours on 31
March but the murder changed his plans.

On the day of the incident HHV went to his good friend Canturk's
house and had coffee prepared by Canturk's wife, who is suffering
from cancer.  Canturk was at a coffehouse at the time so HHV took
a taxi to the coffeehouse and told the taxi driver to summon Canturk
from the coffeehouse.  When Canturk emerged, there was an argument
and HHV shot Canturk.

Canturk had given HHV money and a telephone while HHV was on
leave from prison in Malatya.

Get yourself a 5-day pass and go kill somebody.

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