18 Nisan 2015 Cumartesi

Sand Burial, Dog Threats for Hockey Losers

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 18 April 2015)

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Savas Yilmaz, the coach of the Malatya Anatolia Fire Youth and
Sports Club, buried some of his hockey team members in the sand
on a beach in Alanya, Antalya province, and then had a dog roam
threateningly among them.

The team had just lost by the score of 15-0 at the Under-16 Women's
and Men's competition being held in Alanya.  Once the video of the
incident began to circulate on social media, the Turkey Hockey
Federation opened an investigation into Yilmaz and Federation
officials have been summoned by the Ministry of Youth and Sports
to explain the matter.

As for Yilmaz, he asserted that the scenes in the video had been

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                Where's Alanya?

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