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Instagram's Lure Gets Killer Hubby Arrested

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 29 April 2015)

Y.M. addicted to Instagram, to her hubby's dismay.

Yusuf Genç (49), a construction engineer from Samsun, managed a
bake shop in Kazan, the capital of Tataristan in Russia.  On 21 March
Genç had his throat cut and died at the hands of his partner Şakir Meral
of Denizli. After the murder, Meral, his Russian wife Y.M. and their
two children entered Turkey through Atatürk Airport in Istanbul on 22

The same day Meral and his family flew to Konya but after that they
succeeded in disappearing. Interpol advised Konya police of the matter
and police then began to monitor Y.M.'s Instagram account. They
noticed photographs taken at a hotel in Alanya, Antalya province. Police
raided the hotel but because the family had registered under a false
name they were not found.

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                   Done in by Instagram.

Police continued to monitor Y.M.'s social media accounts and saw that
Y.M. had posted a video of a snowy scene on 23 April, again on
Instagram,  and it was determined that the video had been shot in
Konya's Karatay district on Sedirler Avenue. When Şakir Meral came
out of the house into the garden with his children yesterday, he was
taken into custody.

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           Where's Tatarstan?

In his statement to police Meral said that "Yusuf Genç and I opened
a bake shop but then we had a disagreement. He owed me 50,000 TL
(about 20,000 USD). The day of the incident he summoned me to his
house and he was going to have me beaten. In order to defend myself
I took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him."

Karatay district is about an hour east of Konya city.

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