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'Game of Thrones' on Trial as 'Pornographic'

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 24 April 2015)

‘Davamıza bekliyoruz’
                          "Deep Thrones"

Four years ago, five officer-teachers at the Maltepe Military
High School in Izmir had their students watch the world-famous
TV series 'Game of Thrones' in order to improve their English.
Based on an anonymous letter from an informant, the five were
charged with 'insulting Turkishness' (!) and 'sexual exploitation'.

In the course of the investigation, four of the officers retired and
one officer was released from the army.  Since the former officers'
connections to the army were severed, the case was transferred to
the 41st Court of First Instance in Izmir.

Ozan Acikalin, the lawyer for the officers, who are charged with
'having a child watch an obscene/pornographic program',  stated
that he has been in contact with the show's producers during the
trial period and has invited them to Turkey to attend the first
hearing, scheduled for July.  The show's producers are David
Benioff, D.B. Weiss and George R.R. Martin.

Acikalin said that "we've come to the point now where this has
become a tragedy for Turkish justice.  Watching this show,
which is watched by millions around the world, has become a
crime in our country and these wonderful teachers have been
exiled from their profession."

Continuing, Acikalin stated that "during our investigation we
found the finger of the 'parallel structure' (a euphemism for the
Gulen organization) in the file and we will submit related evidence
to the court. The first day, this case was declared groundless but
somehow we've come to the point we are at today. They wrote
in the file that the children, who haven't even filed a complaint,
are the victims. Additionally, we told the producers of 'Game of
Thrones' about the case and invited them to the hearing."

The Censorship Committee for the Protection from Detrimental
Publications of the Prime Minister's Office has prepared a report
about the show.  In the report it is stated that "(the show) harms
the public's modesty,  incites and exploits sexual desires and is
in general immoral."  The report explained the love-making
positions of five scenes in detail (!).

Previously, the military prosecutor investigating the case had
asked Ege University for an opinion as to whether or not the
show left a mental and sexual effect on students.  The academics
who prepared the resulting report stated that "the show does not
contain any more sexuality or violence than similar shows or
films that anyone can watch.  Without there being other inciteful
socio-cultural factors present that would lead someone to violence,
scientifically it is impossible for the show, by itself, to drive
someone to violence."

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           "What's so funny, perverts?!"

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