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'You May Have Already Won!', Then Again...

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 10 April 2015)

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     He certainly has the look of a winner...

Murat Akbal works for a moving company in Corlu district
of Tekirdag province.  He participated in a TV program's
question and answer competition and when he answered
correctly he was told that he would receive the 5,000 TL
(about $2,300) prize.

Akbal understood that the prize would be sent by courier
to his address and, sure enough, the next day a package came
from the TV channel.  Akbal explained what happened after
he paid  the 69 TL cargo fee, as follows: "I thought that the
5,000 TL prize would be in the package. But when I opened
the box all I found was hair-removal cream, coffee and a
lotto scratch-off card.  I called the TV channel many times
but couldn't get through to anyone.  When I realized I'd been
hoodwinked I filed a complaint."

                       Tekirdag province

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