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What They Say About Rabbits...It's True

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 April 2015)

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               In the blink of an eye...

Over the past few years, rabbits have been placed on Akdamar
Island in Lake Van with the aim of attracting tourists (!).  An
Armenian church sits on the island and there is a certain amount
of tourism generated by visitors to the church.

Akdamar’dan zorunlu göç
Armenian Holy Cross Cathedral on Akdamar Island.

However, the rabbit population has increased rapidly to the
3,000 mark and the creatures have begun to cause damage to
the ecosystem of the island and the historic treasures there.
Consequently, the decision was made to remove the rabbits
from the island. Thanks to cage traps, some 300 have been
caught and released to the wild on the mainland.

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              "What's for dinner?"

Four eagle owls have been left on the island to hunt the
remaining rabbits.

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                        Van province

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