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Turkish-'Syrian' Border Problem: No Syria

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 Aprıl 2015)

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On Syrian border at Kilis, only flag missing is Syria's.

On the Turkish-Syrian border at Kilis, after the Free Syrian Army
(ÖSO) and ISIS, the PKK's Syria wing YPG had planted its flag
and begun digging a trench.  Along the 114 kilometer border in
Kilis province, there are flags of three different entities within the
space of 17 kilometers.

In July 2012, ÖSO planted its flag after seizing the Esselema border
across from Azzez district. ISIS, which seized the area between
Elbeyli district and Yavuzlu village, planted its own flag there.

New neighbors are redrawing Kilis's southern border.

PKK's Syria wing YPG seized the area between Afrin and Deliosman,
putting its own flag there. Most recently, YPG planted two of its
flags on a hill opposite Demiışık village.  So, there are flags of three
different organizations flying within a 17 kilometer area along
Kilis's 114 kilometer border with Syria.

At the same time, the organizations are all digging trenches to
defend their respective areas. In recent days, ISIS has dug a trench
around a natural gas facility on Syrian soil across from Ardıçlı
hamlet, which is linked to Yavuzlu village. ISIS has also set up
a radio system and planted a big flag there, as well.

Meanwhile, at Demirışık village, YPG has begun digging a
trench on its border there with Turkey and ISIS, using  excavation
equipment.  Turkish villagers who see the ISIS and YPG flags
planted on the Kilis border have taken to planting Turkish flags
on their rooves and gardens. The Turkish Army is implementing
its highest level of security measures in the area and continuously
patrolling the border.

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                              Kilis province

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