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17 ID Cards, 1 Million TL Credit: 'I Was Framed!'

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 11 December 2016)

Afgan dolandırıcı sahte kimliklerle 1 milyon lira kredi çekti
Just put his picture on others' ID cards as a hobby.

In Bursa, the trial of Afghan citizen Murad Keyman (43) has
begun.  Keyman faces an 85-year prison sentence for obtaining
1 million TL (about 300,000 USD) in credit from banks using
the names of 17 other people.  Keyman put his picture on lost
or stolen ID cards to effect the fraud.  He even dressed in the
same clothes as his various pictures in order to distract suspicion.

Last year when Keyman went to a bank to withdraw money an
official became suspicious and had police apprehend him.  As
the result of the subsequent investigation it was determined
that Keyman had pasted his own photo on 17 lost or stolen
ID cards and drivers licenses in order to obtain 1 million TL
in credit.

Keyman's trial in a Bursa court for fraud began the day before
yesterday.  In his statement to the court, Keyman refuted the
charges against him, saying "I didn't defraud anyone. My
brother framed me because of a problem between us.  He told
me 'I'll make it so you never get out of jail.'  And he did what
he said he would do.  I've been in jail for a year and a half for
nothing. Let me out. If you do, I promise to attend all the
hearings." (!)

 The court committee rejected Keyman's plea and delayed the
trial until missing documents are presented.

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