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Team Lost 6-0, But it Got Much Worse

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 10 December 2016)

‘Sistematik saldırıya uğradık’
                          No more road games.

In the last match played between Beşiktaş, Turkey's representative
in the Champions League, and Dinamo Kiev in Ukraine, Scottish
referee Craig Thomson's scandalous performance left its mark. But
it is also claimed that the 6-7,000 fans who accompanied Beşiktaş,
which lost the match 6-0, were subjected to systematic and planned

The Ukrainian police took no measures to block the attacks, which
were perpetrated by hooligans even outside the stadium.  Construction
engineer Tolga Göksu said that "before the match masked groups
wearing camouflage clothes attacked our friends while they were touring
Kiev.  These groups of 30-40 people attacked anyone they thought was
a Turk.  The masked ones took our wallets."

"After we entered the stadium, the Ukrainian police made us get out
of our seats.  Then the Kiev partisans took our flags, posters and
placards and burned them.  The police just stood by and watched. After
the match those of us who were attacked tried to contact the Turkish
Embassy in Kiev but no one there answered the phone.  Turkish
citizens were abandoned by their own embassy."

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"Velcome to Kiev. Emergency, emergency! All Turks please to get 
from street!"

"This being the case, the hooligans were even more emboldened and
increased their attacks, especially at Turkish restaurants where our
fans were sitting. "  Lawyer İnan Kaya related that "there were guys
on the street wearing Beşiktaş berets who attacked us for no reason.
They wore black & white Beşiktaş jerseys to set traps for us, hitting
us with belts and sticks with nails in them.  The trap was completely
planned and organized."

Journalist Fırat Karadeniz stated that "before the match we were
told that there would be racist (anti-Turkish) slogans shouted  on
the street where we were staying.  The attackers all wore black.
While we were walking from the Ukranya Hotel to the Otel Rus,
which is close to the stadium, we heard that incidents had broken out
at the Guliver shopping center."

"Inside the stadium as the first half ended, incidents erupted.  A
Kiev group stole the placards from the Beşiktaş fans and hung
them upside down in their own section.  When Beşiktaş fans
reacted to seats being thrown at them the police intervened."

Beşiktaş fans wanting to return to Turkey were held up at Kiev
Airport because of frost on the runways.  A campaign has been
started on change.org to get Dinamo Kiev penalized and ousted
from UEFA (European Football Association).

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