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Escalator as Off-Ramp; Run(a)way Kitten

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 4 December 2016)

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                 "And for my next trick..."

In Bursa, Muhammet Onur Gerek (32) lost his license two months
ago for speeding. But once again, because of speeding, Gerek lost
control of his car and plunged into the pedestrian underpass at the
Merinos metro station, after skidding for 150 meters, eventually
landing on an escalator. (!)

The accident occurred at 03:30 at the Mudanya Road Merinos
metro station in the Osmangazi neighborhood.  Gerek was driving
from the city square toward Sırameşeler in a car with license plate
16 NRS 56 when he lost control of his vehicle.  First he hit an
electrical pole and then skidded 150 meters into the underpass.

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  "Hey! Escalators are for people!"

Gerek was stuck inside the wrecked car at the bottom of the
escalator but he was eventually extracted without injury. The
escalator was completely ruined and it took two hours to
extricate Gerek's car from its resting place.  Police found an
empty beer bottle in the car and an investigation into the
incident is continuing.

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 5 December 2016)

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 Whose runway is it anyway? This is Cat-stantinople!

Pilots taxiing on the apron at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul noticed a
kitten in the road and alerted air traffic control.  The incident
occurred on Saturday (4 December).  The pilot who saw the kitten
told the tower "just to our right 10 meters ahead, there's a kitten."

Another pilot who spotted the kitten gave its location to the tower
as follows: "Mike Sierra there's a cat in front of us, going from right
to left toward a airport vehicle.  If you can grab the cat we would be
grateful."  The tower immediately dispatched someone to save the
kitten from being run over.

Image result for airport cats
Must have got bored in the waiting lounge.

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