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Once Upon a Time in Anatolia...

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 16 December 2016)

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  Somebody's gotta make a movie out of this.

In Konya's Çumra district, homeless Barış Aykurt (31) was taken
in by baker Bekir Dalkıran (51) but when Aykurt's plea for money
was refused, he shot Dalkıran to death with a hunting rifle.  Aykurt
made off with 300 TL that was in the baker's till, along with 5 credit
cards but was soon caught by police in Konya city.

Bachelor Aykurt was living in Istanbul when, last June, he met
N.B. (16) who lives with her mother in Çumra diştrict of Konya,
on the internet.  Aykurt came to Çumra and took N.B. on a vacation
to Antalya.  Subsequently, Aykurt returned to Çumra with N.B.
and began living with the young girl and her mother there.

However, a relative of the young girl, noting that she is under 18,
informed police of the arrangement.  Aykurt was arrested for
"sexual exploitation of a minor and kidnapping" but released
pending trial.  Left homeless, Aykurt began working and living
at a farm but after a week he was let go.

Aykurt returned to N.B.'s house, argued with her and her mother
and beat them.  He was then ordered by police to stay away from
N.B.'s home.  Dalkıran, the baker, gave Aykurt a place to stay but
in the middle of the night on 14 December Aykurt asked Dalkıran
for money.  When Dalkıran refused Aykurt shot and killed him
with the rifle he had with him from his time working at the farm.

After the murder, Konya police determined that Aykurt had come
to Konya city from Çumra by bus and they apprehended him at
the Konya bus terminal.  In his statement Aykurt explained that
"I met N.B. on the internet and came to Çumra.  We lived together
for a while and then they threw me out.  I started to work at a farm
but I was let go from there about a week ago.  Having no money,
I began to stay at the bakery.  I asked the baker for money but
when he refused I shot him with the rifle."

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Çumra district is in the deep south of Konya province.


türkçe  links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 16 December 2016)

Sandıklı’dan çıkmayan adama  FSM’den kaçak geçiş cezası
     Facing down the faceless bureaucracy.

Veli Sağış (58) lives in Sandıklı district in Afyonkarahisar province.
The day before yesterday Sağış received a traffic summons in the mail,
fining him for driving his tractor across the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
in Istanbul without paying the toll.

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Another hero who gave no ground to the machine.

The summons stated that Sağış's tractor had crossed the bridge on 12
November 2015 without paying and that a fine of 112.75 TL would
be assessed.  Sağış has asked the highways department to cancel the
fine, noting that he has never left Sandıklı in his tractor: "I go from
my house to the field and back, that's all. I've never been outside of
Sandıklı.  Now they fine me for crossing the bridge illegally!  If
they don't cancel the fine I'll complain. I'll fight till the end to get
my rights!"

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Sandıklı district is in southwestern Afyonkarahisar province.

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