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Sultan Süleyman Conquers Bangladesh

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 12 December 2016)

Bangladeşte Sultan Süleyman isyanı
The conquests just keep on coming for Sultan Süleyman.

In Bangladesh local actors and directors have rebelled against
the Turkish TV soap opera "Sultan Süleyman".  The Turkish
show has eclipsed local productions in popularity to the point
where Bangladeshi crews are jobless.  Locals even claim that
the show has led to an increase in divorces.

According to the AFP press agency, Bangladeshi actors and
directors have reacted negatively to "Sultan Süleyman", which
came on the screen in Bangladesh in 2015.  The show is known
as "Muhteşem Yüzyıl" (The Magnificent Century) in Turkey.

Bangladeşte Sultan Süleyman isyanı
Unlike Sultan Donald, women well represented in Süleyman's

With the popularity of "Sultan Süleyman", other foreign shows
began to come on Bangladeshi TV, which led to local shows
being shunted to unfavorable time slots or canceled altogether.
Bangladeshi TV show officials claim that their actors have lost
millions of dollars in income and tens of studios have had to shut

The head of the Bangladesh, Directors Association, Rakayet
(just one name, like 'Cher'), told AFP that "everything started
with 'Sultan Süleyman'.  It has ruined our sector. According to
our research, half of our studios have closed due to lack of work.
Even our most famous actors' incomes have been cut in half."

Image result for süleyman sultan
Sultan Süleyman first took Dhaka in triumph in 1536 after
a very, very long march from Istanbul.

Some Bangladeshis assert that the harem scenes in 'Sultan
Süleyman' have caused damage to families.  Actor Mamunur
Raşid declared that "Sultan Süleyman and the other foreign TV
shows are over-the-top with their sex scenes.  The 'illicit affairs'
escapades have led to an increase in divorces."

Image result for turkey bangladesh map
Süleyman's 1535-36 expedition route to Bangladesh.

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