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Istanbul Ain't Constantinople!

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 25 December 2016)

Konstantiniyyeye 5 saatlik tahammül
   If you turn it upside down it reads 'Istanbul'.

Artist Ahmet Güneştekin's artwork 'Konstantiniyye' was
exhibited at the Venice Biennial last year.  On Thursday
night the work was placed in front of a shopping center
in Ataköy, Istanbul, but it was removed 7 hours later because
of negative reactions from the public.

Güneştekin lamented to Hürriyet: "businessman Nihat Delibalta
bought my artwork and wanted to show it to everyone in Istanbul.
So the work was put in front of the A Plus shopping center in
Ataköy on Thursday evening, my 50th birthday.  We had the
opening at 1800."

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                   What's in a name...

"At 2300 an angry group came to the scene shouting 'how could
you put this name here! This has been 'Istanbul' since 1453!'
When they began screaming 'we'll rip it down and burn it!' the
Bakırköy municipality covered the artwork with a tarpaulin."

As the protests continued, the 5-ton work was removed on Friday
at the request of the shopping center owner.  Güneştekin said in
response "this work was exhibited in Venice for 7 months.
Hundreds of thousands of people saw it.  Here they couldn't bear
it for 7 hours.  I'm going through the darkest, the worst time of
my life."

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