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Trump: The Goat Hunter

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 4 December 2016)

erictrump see TNT's erroneous (sorry!) report on Eric Trump's
supposed hunting trip to Turkey.

Turizme  avcılık dopingi
They're not endangered so what's all the fuss about?

Last week reports were published about Donald Trump's son
Eric visiting Turkey to hunt deer around Finike, Antalya.
However, according to Milliyet's sources in Ankara, it was
Trump's elder son Donald Trump  Jr. who came.  Also according
to these sources, Trump shot three wild goats, not deer.

Trump's hunting visit was planned before the U.S. presidential
election.  Trump came to Antalya from America via Frankfurt,
aboard a regularly scheduled commercial airliner and sat in
economy class (!). He was accompanied by one bodyguard.

Upon his arrival in Antalya, Trump was met by a 10-person
team of U.S. bodyguards and Turkish police patrolled the area
around the house he stayed in.  During the 4 days Trump was
in Antalya he rested for only 3 hours.  Setting out for the hunt
at 3 AM, he returned about midnight to his friend's house to

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              Look out behind you, Don Jr.!

For more information Milliyet contacted Temir Ekenler of
Wild Hunting, one of Turkey's biggest hunting tourism firms.
After talking with Ekenler we understood that he had been
with Trump during the hunt but when we asked him this
directly he said "I can't answer that. I signed a privacy agreement."

Ekener's brother Kürşat explained that most of the tourist hunters
come from North America and are " powerful and rich".  After
North America, the most hunters come from Europe, Russia
and Scandanavia.

According to Ekener, people much more important than Trump Jr.
have come to Turkey for hunting. In this regard, he mentioned
Russian plutocrat Roman Abromovich, the Lebanese Foreign
Minister and the Russian Finance Minister.

Asked to explain why they come to Turkey to hunt, Ekener
said that "they want to display the animals they kill in museums
or in their hunting lodges.  After the animal is killed the necessary
measures are taken and the animal is sent to them. They have
taxidermists fill the skins to immortalize the animals for display." (!)

Ekenler brothers and a (late) money-making employee.

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