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Presidential 'Kill or Capture' Team Too Late

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 3 December 2016)

Erdoğan İstanbul’da darbeciler yoldaydı
Presidential jet got secret call-signs to elude coup plotters.

In the indictment prepared regarding the attack on the hotel in
Marmaris where President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was staying on
the night of 15 July 2016, and related to 47 suspects, 37 of whom
are soldiers and one who remains at large, there are interesting
details about what transpired that night.

The court in Muğla received the indictment, which requests 6
life sentences for each suspect, and Fethullah Gülen (alleged coup
mastermind) is among the first suspects listed.

The plane that ultimately took Erdoğan safely to Istanbul, TC-ATA,
was secretly given the call-sign THY-8451 as it left Izmir Adnan
Menderes Airport at 00:40 that night. The plane flew to Dalaman
Airport, near Marmaris.  Erdoğan and his party met the plane at
Dalaman after leaving Marmaris by helicopter. The plane was
given another secret call-sign, THY-8456, and took off from
Dalaman at 01:43, en route to Istanbul.

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Coup-plotters left red-faced as Erdoğan does 'Face Time'. 

The coup-plotters, led by Brigadier General Gökhan Şahin
Sönmezateş, departed Çiğli Second Main Jet Airbase in Izmir
at 02:00 aboard two Cougar helicopters and one Sikorsky type.
They reached Erdoğan's hotel in Marmaris at 03:20, about the
same time that Erdoğan arrived in Istanbul.

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Gülen waiting anxiously for news of Erdoğan's fate  
at his command HQS in Pansilvanya on 15 July.

In the indictment, there is mention of a box full of ammunition
that fell from one of the coup-plotters' helicopters and landed
in the city of Marmaris.  The box was recovered by a citizen
who had come out to protest the coup and in front of whose car
the box fell.  The citizen delivered the box to the police.

Image result for izmir marmaris dalaman haritası
Dalaman is to the right of Marmarıs on the map.


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