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In Search of Headless 'Red Beard''s Grave in Algeria

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 8 December 2016)

Oruç Reis’in kayıp mezarı bulunabilir
            Gone 500 years but not forgotten.

oruç reis Wikipedia info (somewhat at odds with this article)

Oruç Reis, one of the Barbaros brothers who were Turkish
maritime leaders in the Mediterranean Sea, died in 1518 while
trying to take Algiers from the Spanish.  Since 2007 Dr. Mehmet
Tütüncü, head of the Research Center for the Dutch, Turkish and
Arab World, has been searching for Oruç Reis's grave and he says
that he has found important clues in the gravestones and inscriptions
he has seen.

Tütüncü, who put forth the meanings of Turkish mariners' gravestones
in his book "Ottoman Traces in Algeria", stated that based on new
information, Oruç Reis's grave is in Morocco, rather than Algeria:
"Oruç Reis, or as the Westerners called him Barbaros (Red Beard),
was martyred by the Spanish at Algeria's former capital Tlemseni
(Tlemcen) in 1518."

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Immortalized on the silver screen, too.

"In fact, Oruç Reis's head was cut off by a Spanish lieutenant as proof
for his superiors.  Oruç Reis had already lost an arm in a previous
battle.  The headless body was buried someplace else.  We investigated
three places in the Algeria-Morocco border region to try to find the body.
We examined the inscriptions on Turkish graves in Ucda (Oujda), about
14 kilometers from the border in Morocco.  We think his grave is here.
The exact spot may be determined through a joint archeological effort
by the Moroccan and Algerian authorities.  In this way we will fulfill
our duty to this great Turkish mariner."

Oruç Reis was the middle brother between Hızır and İlyas, all of whom
were born in Bonova village on Midilli (Lesbos) Island.  The brothers
were well trained and multilingual and the most successful mariners of
the period. Ilyas died first.  Oruç was taken prisoner by the Knights of
Rhodes but was rescued.

After serving as a admiral for the Mamluks, Oruç was sent to Algeria
by the Ottoman Empire to take Algeria from the Spanish. Westerners
gave him the name Barbaros (Red Beard).  He was killed by Lieutenant
Garcia de Tineo, who was serving in Captain Diego de Andrada's unit.
According to records inthe Madrid Royal History Academy, Garcia de
Tineo was given an award by the Spanish King.  The Spaniards
celebrated the death of Oruç Reis and showed off his head in churches.
The nickname Red Beard was passed on to Turkish Admiral Hızır Reis.
One of the Turkish Navy's most modern frigates is the TCG Oruç Reis.

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