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The Faux Golden Lycian Way

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 December 2016)

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What red-blooded Indiana Jonesoğlu could possibly resist?

Treasure hunter Süleyman Çiçek went to search for treasure among
the ruins in Göynük Canyon along the Lycian Way, a more than 500-
kilometer footpath through the territory of ancient Lycia.  Near Kemer
in Antalya province, Çiçek's team found a small opening through
which they put a camera and identified "something sparkling like gold."

Çiçek and his team used explosives to open the redoubt, which prompted
the Gendarmerie to take them into custody.  Soon rumors spread of 20
tons of gold ingots being found.  This amount quickly rose to 50 tons,
upon which the Kemer municipality forbade access to the area.

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    "Hmmm, tight squeeze. Better get the TNT."

Yesterday a team from the Culture and Tourism Directorate went to
the site and were confronted with a great pile of gold ingots. However,
upon closer inspection, the ingots were determined to be plaster-cast
molds painted gold. (!)  Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu tweeted
"dreams of gold, in reality plaster."

Four persons have been taken into custody on suspicion of placing
the ingots in the cave in order to hoodwink prospective 'customers'.

lycian way stretching from Fethiye, far left, to Antalya. 

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