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Brother-in-Law's Greedy Curiosity Backfires

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 December 2016)

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B-i-L Nevruz has the ability to blurr his face at will. (!)

In Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul, a woman named Y.O. left
home to go shopping on 9 November.  When she returned to her
home in the Mimar Sinan neighborhood she was in for a shock
because the house had been broken into and a safe containing
560,000 TL (about 180,000 USD) belonging to her older brother
was missing.

Y.O. alerted the police, telling them that "my older brother Kemal
sold his café for 560,000 TL.  Thinking that our home was safe, he
left the money with us.  The only people who knew about this were
me and my husband, Kemal and his wife and my sister H.U.  Her
husband Nevruz didn't know about it."

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Good thing police don't have anything else to occupy them these
days in Istanbul.

Police looked at the security camera footage and noticed that the
three thieves had entered the compound knowing the gate cipher.
They later fled with the safe.  Police determined that someone
must have given the thieves the gate cipher.  In any event, police
soon picked up Remzi Y. (29), Taner Y. (31) and Ramazan K. (33).

It turned out that brother-in-law Nevruz had been looking at his
wife's cellphone messages and noticed her discussion with her
siblings on WhatsApp about the 560,000 kept in Y.O.'s house.
Nevruz then hired the thieves, agreeing to split the take with them.
However, after the heist the thieves gave Nevruz only 20,000 TL.

Ring-leader Remzi Y. bought himself a luxury car with his share
but he and his two cohorts, along with Nevruz, have been put in

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