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"Hang 'Em High!"... in 2nd Grade

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 14 November 2016)

//ed. note: in the aftermath of the 15 July coup attempt, there
has been a groundswell of support for the death penalty in 
Turkey.  Teacher Erekmen appears to have made this his 
personal mission to his 2nd graders.//

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          Recess could get very unpleasant. 

The scandal occurred at the TOKİ Osmangazi Elementary School
in Başakşehir, Istanbul.  Teacher Aydın Erekmen gave each of his
2nd grade students, aged 7 and 8, a hangman's noose, took a photo
and posted it on his social media account with the message "ya
devlet başa, ya kuzgun leşe...Başkan...! Adalet istıyoruz" (Either
the state steps up or we'll all be the raven's meal...President!...
We want justice.)

The posting quickly drew negative reactions. (!)  The school's
deputy principal stated that "the students have scout kerchiefs
around their necks.  My daughter is in the same class and she said
they were going to learn to tie knots.  I thought that's what they
were doing."

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The kids' drawn-on mustaches are Erekmen's handiwork.

CHP Istanbul Parliamentarian Ali Şeker announced that Erekmen
had been relieved of his teaching duties and CHP Izmir
Parliamentarian Tuncay Özkan said "the children's parents
should definitely file a law suit.  I'm filing a criminal complaint."

However, at the time Erekmen was supposedly fired, he was on
a school excursion with the students.

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Erekmen and Clint: the resemblance is uncanny.

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