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Sex & Marriage Tips from City Hall

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 December 2016)

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   Remind me again, what century are we in?

The AKP municipalities of Kütahya and Pamukkale have been
distributing a book entitled "Marriage and Family Life" to
newlyweds.  CHP Parliamentarian Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet
called a news conference to announce that she has requested
that the Turkish Parliament open an investigation into the
municipalities in this matter.

Among the guidance provided to newlyweds in the book:

-- in warm climates children can be married off between the
ages of 10 and 12;

-- balet is the devil's home, the theater his nest;

-- women shaking hands invites adultery;

-- women should not go to sports fields and parks;

-- the more you beat a woman the more she will love and want

-- for women cutting hair and shaving is forbidden;

-- women's minds and knowledge are limited. They should not
be looked to for advice. Do the opposite of what a woman says;

-- abortion is murder. Birth control is an extravagance;

-- even if engaged, it is forbidden for a couple to walk around

In the book distributed by the Kütahya municipality it is advised
that women be dissuaded from working, lest they fall in love with
another man at the work place.  "Kırsın dizini otursun" (break her
knees so she has to sit at home).  

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                      The mayor knows best.

As for sex, the book prescribes that women should be 'ardent' toward
their husbands - otherwise the children will be fools.  Talking during
sex is also frowned upon- the children will stutter.  "A woman who
doesn't doll up for her husband and who doesn't obey him can be
beaten.  Reminding a woman who the boss of the house is serves as
medicine for her."

With regard to other woman for the husband: "it is beneficial for a
man to have many wives. In fact, rather than divorcing an annoying
woman and foisting her on another man, get another wife to compete
with the first and bring her to her knees.  When the man of the house
gets angry the wife must be silent, apologize and ask forgiveness for
making her husband lose his temper."

Parliamentarian Hürriyet is investigating whether other municipalities
have distributed this book.  She asserted that "every time the AKP
brings up the matter of violence against women I'll throw this book
in their faces.  When they talk about child marriages I'll show them
this book.  For municipalities to give this book to newlyweds is the
height of reactionaryism."

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Kütahya at upper right, Denizli-Pamukkale in the south-center.

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