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Happily Mixing Science & Superstition

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 9 December 2016)

[Haber görseli]
Just a spoonful of sugar (or soap)  helps the medicine go down...

A brochure entitled "Illness is a Treasure", authored by Said Nursi,
is being distributed to patients, helpers and visitors at public
hospitals.  This is an example of one of the statements in the
brochure: "Illness is like soap, it cleanses the filth of sins. Given
that the world is a guesthouse, wherever dead children have gone
you and we will go there, too.  In the future you will see your
children in heaven."

said nursi who was he?

On the front cover are the words "Illness is a Treasure" and on the
back cover "The meaning of illness: if it wasn't a good thing then
God wouldn't give diseases to his most-loved servants." Another
example in the brochure: "dead babies and children are eternal
intercessors for their family's happiness."

CHP Izmir Parliamentarian Tacettin Bayır brought the matter to
the Parliament and asked Health Minister Recep Akdağ "will
there be any kind of investigation into this unscientific and anti-
secular action being perpetrated by hospıtal administrations with
the distribution of this brochure?"

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Said Nursi: semantic gymnastics to soothe any soul.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 December 2016)

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Moonlighting: so many extra jobs for the heavenly orb.

In Antalya, the sayings of villagers like "vermin come with the new
moon and pastries come with the old one" and "don't cut wood under
the waxing moon, don't shear sheep under the waning moon." have
been confirmed scientifically at the Western Mediterranean Forestry
Research Institute.

Forestry Senior Engineer Ayhan Serttaş's 7-person team began a
project in 2012 under the title "Determinations Regarding Insect
and Fungus Colonization in Pine Trees and Wood Endurance When
Cut During Different Phases of the Moon."

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Heard to whisper about the project: "Make it stop!"

The team cut down 40 trees during the new, first quarter, full and
last moon phases and during two periods: November-December
and April-May.  Team leader Serttaş stated that, as it does for
humans and all living things, the moon has quite an effect on

Seerttaş explained that "so far we have determined with the
data we've gathered that there is an effect on vermin infestation
from the phases of the moon.  For example, there is an increase
in the damage done by insects to buds during the new moon,
whereas there isn't any during the other phases. Even shearing
sheep can be done at different phases of the moon.  We will
finalize the project in the year ahead."

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                  Antalya province

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