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Too Real TV; Travelin' Gal

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 10 December 2016)

Polisten dizi setine uzun namlulu silah baskını
                  "Need any police extras?"

Police in Adana raided the set of the TV show 'Adana 01',
which is only aired over the internet, because citizens living
near the set saw long-barrel weapons being taken into the film
site. Using only amateur actors, the show has nevertheless
broken viewing records on YouTube.

A shootout scene was being filmed in a two-story building in the
Çınarlı neighborhood when local residents, who knew nothing
about the show, saw long-barrel weapons being taken into the
building.  Police surrounded the building and then stormed it
with their own real long-barrel weapons.

Upon seeing a camerman at the top of the staircase and the
actors behind him, police realized that the show's weapons were
toys and departed the scene.

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                   Adana province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 10 December 2016)

Dünyayı gezen teyze aranıyor
Forget the towers, how about the fashion show!

Youths in the İnterrail Turkey tourism group are searching for an
Anatolian woman who has toured the world.  Group member
Tülin Tezer explained that a woman they met in Rize forgot her
camera in Tezer's car.

When Tülin and Emre Tezer were touring the Ayder Pasture in
Rize they gave a ride to the hitchhiking woman, whom they have
nicknamed 'Helal Teyze' (Auntie Helal).  Helal Teyze told the Tezers
that she needed a ride because she had sprained her ankle.  They
dropped her off  at her tour bus but Helal Teyze's camera was
left in the car.

Image result for dünyayı gezen teyze aranıyor
           "Of course, Turks built it"
The Tezers have since learned that Helal Teyze lives in Izmir's
Buca district and joined in a Black Sea tour in the summer of
2016.  They also learned that Helal Teyze has toured Italy, France,
Spain, Bosnia and India and they are hoping that someone who
knows her will get in touch with them.  To this end, the Tezer's
have posted Helal Teyze's photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal on their Facebook page.

Image result for ayder yaylası haritası
Ayder Yaylası (summer pasture, circled) in Rize province.


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