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Architectural Digest Edition

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 December 2016)

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 It really does have quite a sinister look to it, for a building.       

In the course of the FETÖ/PDY (Fethullah Gülen Terror
Organization/Parallel State Apparatus) investigation conducted
in the aftermath of the events of 15 July, the administration of
Pamukkale University in Denizli was spurred to action by
social media postings.

The postings alleged that there is a masonic theme at the
university, that certain buildings on the campus contain masonic
symbols and that a structure resembling the masonic pyramid on
the back of the U.S. dollar bill is under construction there.

Image result for us dollar masonic symbols
The first thing they learn in FETÖ architectural training.

The projects related to these buildings were prepared during the
period when Prof. Dr. Hasan Kaplan was the deputy rector.  Kaplan
has been arrested in connection with the FETÖ/PDY investigation.
It is claimed that the project were drawn up by some academicians
in the Architecture and Design Department.

It is further claimed that an L-shaped building housing the Physical
Therapy and Rehabilitation School, the Health Services and the
Senior Professional School will be completed in a pyramid shape
with the inclusion of a caneen in the front of it.  Above the structure
will be a lighted circular area that would represent the all-seeing eye
at the top of the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill.

Image result for get smart siegfried
(Former) Chief Architect Fethullah Gülen.

The university has cancelled the construction of the canteen and
the new rector, Prof Dr. Hüseyin Bağ, stated that "I don't know
what the intention was for these buildings but these symbols being
built here raised an alarm.  We won't complete the remaining part
and we will develop a project to change the shape."

A statue of a bull, which is said to be one of the masonic symbols,
will be moved to a warehouse.  Rector Bağ asserted that "the bull
doesn't represent our province.  If it was a rooster then it would." (!)

Image result for pamukkale map
                              Pamukkale (A)

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 December 2016)

Kuzenine kızdı, yolu beton duvarla kapattı
         Everyone's building walls these days...

İdris Sarı lives in Derebaşı village in Rize province.  Nine years
ago he gave permission to his cousin Mehmet Sarı for a road to
be built on İdris's land for access to Mehmet's house.  A short
time ago, though, the cousins had a falling out and İdris decided
to build a 2-meter high concrete wall blocking the road to Mehmet's

Image result for trumps wall
            Inspired by İdris Sarı.

With the closure of the road, Mehmet and the 30 people who live
near him in 6 houses have to climb a steep path to reach their homes.
Mehmet and his neighbors have filed a complaint in order to have
the road re-opened.

Image result for rize haritası
                  Rize province

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