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'Batman' Sells Kin to Break Spells

//ed. note: original article unavailable on the internet//

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 December 2016)

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Pictures like this give bats a bad name.

Previously "spell-breaking bats" were involved in a divorce case
and now they have gotten a too-clever citizen in trouble.  The
citizen in Fethiye district of Muğla province put five bats he
caught up for sale on the internet.

Using the nickname 'Batman' (!), the citizen said on his blog that
the bats he caught are considered to be 'mystic' and can see 'jinns'
(evil spirits).  He went on to explain that since ancient times bats
have been used by witches to make black magic and that the ones
he has can break spells. 'Batman' noted that "it was very difficult
to catch the bats and there's no telling what can happen if they
bite you. The risk of rabies is quite high."

'Batman' offered the bats for 200 TL each (about 65 USD).  But
when informed about the matter, the Forests and Water Affairs
Ministry went into action.  Officials from the Nature Protection
and National Parks General Directorate called 'Batman''s phone
number and acted as prospective customers.

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In response, all citizens will soon receive the Turkish version.

Consequently, 'Batman' was caught red-handed trying to sell
the horseshoe-nose bat (rhinolophus ferrumequinum) and long-
winged bat (miniopterus schreibersii) types.  'Batman' was fined
1,231 TL for trying to sell these protected animals and another
2,500 TL for causing damage to the environment.   The bats
have been returned to the wild after being examined by a

In 2006, in a court case in Ankara, a woman, who was a chemistry
academician, tried to obtain bats from the Hunters Association.
The woman wanted to have a medium use the bats to cast a spell
on her husband so he would stay with her.  The court found the
woman to be at fault in the divorce case her husband had filed
and the couple was divorced.

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Fethiye district is in westernmost in Muğla province.


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