21 Mayıs 2014 Çarşamba

Anger Mismanagement Edition

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(Sabah Newspaper, 21 May 2014)

Health worker Hangun. No good deed goes

Huseyin Yavuz (45), who lived in the Eskicamlik
neighborhood of  Karabaglar district in Izmir, had a
heart attack so his relatives called for an ambulance.
After Yavuz was put into the ambulance, the vehicle
backed up to exit the street but in the process hit and
slightly damaged the tent of a grocer on the street corner.

Adem Bozkurt, the grocer, became enraged by this turn
of events, insulted the ambulance team and threatened them.
One of the health workers, Korkmaz Hangun argued with
Bozkurt,  who then punched Hangun.  The injured Hangun
sought help from the ambulance driver but Bozkurt attacked
them both with a meat cleaver.

As the fearful ambulance team tried to leave the scene, Bozkurt,
still fuming, threw rocks at the vehicle carrying the critically ill
Huseyin Yavuz, breaking some windows. Thanks to the delay
caused by Bozkurt's rage, Yavuz died en route to Izmir Training
and Research Hospital. Hangun, whose nose was broken during
the incicent, was treated at the hospital. Bozkurt was taken into

Karabaglar district, within Izmir city.


turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 21 May 2014)

Back-hoe rage added to the list...

As efforts directed toward decreasing the incidents of physical
and psychological abuse against women in Turkey continue, what
happened to Gulbahar D. (41), who lives in Varsak Karsiyaka
neighborhood of Antalya, is just plain exasperating.

Gulbahar filed for divorce from her husband of 16 years one
month ago because of severe incompatibility. She began to
experience psychological pressure from her husband who,
being the title holder, tried to get Gulbahar evicted from their
two-story home.  Gulbahar resisted but her husband
cut the electricity and although she didn't give in, Gulbahar said
that the pressure from her husband increased each day.

Yesterday, Gulbahar got a call at work from a neighbor who
said that her husband was demolishing their house with a back-hoe.
At first Gulbahar thought the neighbor was joking but when she
came home she was flabbergasted by what she saw, lamenting
that "my husband wrecked the house I worked for for 16 years.
As he was doing it my 16 year-old son was in the house. The
police said 'we can't do anything. Go to the prosecutor.' I
went and filed a complaint but what will I do now, where will
I stay?!"

                Antalya province

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