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Father-Son Crime & Punishment

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 24 May 2014)

Tolga Sarac, father-son knife victim

In Sariyer, Istanbul, last week when O.C. (16) went
to the cafe he frequents Tolga Sarac (22), a neighborhood
fellow, was there, as well.  O.C. said upon entering
"I'm the big shot around here. Why didn't you stand up
when I came in?!" In response, Sarac retorted "you're
no big shot. What's this about standing up. Get lost."

O.C. and Sarac got into a fight but others in the cafe
were able to calm both parties. A few days later, Sarac
encountered O.C. and his father Nihat C. on the street.
Again a fight broke out between the youths and Nihat C.,
seeing that Sarac was getting the better of his son, slipped
O.C. a knife.

Sarac then fell to the ground with a stab wound and died
as father and son fled. Nihat C. and his son have been


turkce links to related Turkish article

(Sozcu and Milliyet Newspapers, 25 May 2014)

Ali A. en route to jail after ending Bilgic's theft training.

In Aydin, day laborer Ali A. (37) sought a meeting with
Ibrahim Bilgic (32), whom Ali A. claimed was turning his
son E.A.(15) into a thief, to "talk things over."  Upon
meeting, Ali A. and Bilgic argued and then fought. Ali A.
then fired his hunting rifle at Bilgic, who had a record for
theft and drug sales, three times.

Bilgic died at the scene and Ali A. turned himself into the
police. In his statement, Ali A. asserted that Bilgic was
training a number of teenagers, including E.A., to be
thieves and he said that he had previously warned Bilgic
about this. Ali A. pronounced that "no one is going to
make my son a criminal!."

               Aydin province

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