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Facebook Edition: Sharing Too Much

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(Posta Newspaper, 3 May 2014)

The ring that burned Aydin S. via Facebook

The burned body of Sinan Furan (16) was found in an
abandoned factory in Cerkezkoy village, Tekirdag province.
Police found a ring at the scene of the incident.

Sinan's close friend Aydin S. attended the funeral and
shared Sinan's family's grief.  Aydin also posted a condolence
message on his Facebook page, where there was a picture
of Aydin with a ring on his pinkie finger - the same ring that
was found at the factory.

Police noticed this and next checked Aydin's telephone
records. They determined that Aydin was with Sinan at
the factory on the day of the killing. Aydin was arrested
and made the following confession: "we used drugs and
paint thinner with Sinan in the factory. We had an argument
over a oil-soaked rag and then I spilled paint thinner on
Sinan. As we tried to dry his t-shirt with a flame he caught
fire. Myself and two friends watched as Sinan burned and
then we fled." Aydin and his two friends were arrested.

Cerkezkoy is on the far right, in Tekirdag province.

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 3 May 2014)

‘Face’ten takip sokakta cinayet
Maybe we're posting too much info on Facebook. Ya think?

In Guzelyali hamlet, in Adana's Cukurova district, a blood
feud began on 13 December 2013 when bar owner Serdar
Adiyaman was shot and killed. The blood feud was then
fueled further by Facebook postings.

After Adiyaman's murder, another bar owner named Abdulaziz
Kurt was seriously wounded by Hamdi Banuc, the brother-in-
law of  Serdar Adiyaman's brother Zeynel Adiyaman, as Kurt
waited at a bus stop on 24 February 2014.  Next, on 18 April
Abdullah Yildiz (20), the brother of Kadir Yildiz, who was
arrested for the slaying of Serdar Adiyaman, was killed by 10

The public prosecutor prepared an indictment against Banuc
for the crime of  "attempted murder with the motive of blood
vengence". The indictment was accepted by the 5th Serious
Crimes Court and contained the following statement:

"The brothers of Abdulkadir Kurt, namely  Abudulaziz Kurt
and Cumali Kurt, are suspected in the murder of Serdar
Adiyaman. Hamdi Banuc obtained identifying information
about Kurt and his relatives from their Facebook profiles.
On the day of the incident, Banuc followed Abdulaziz Kurt
and shot him with a revolver and although he fled with his
gun blazing, when his ammo ran out he was captured by

A life sentence has been asked for in the case against
Banuc and the trial is set to begin shortly.

Cukurova district is part of  Adana city.

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