5 Mayıs 2014 Pazartesi

Born Yesterday: Evil Spirits and Genies

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 3 May 2014)

Evde büyü var yandan çal
Count to a thousand and turn around...

In Seyhan district of Adana province, Ozlem Sokmen (36),
the mother of one child,  heard the door bell ring and opened
her front door around noon the day before yesterday. Allegedly,
a 25 year-old youth told Sokmen that "there are evil spirits in
this house, you're in a bad way."

The youth came into the house and had Sokmen sit in a chair
facing the wall, telling her to pray. He also told Sokmen to
take off the gold bracelets from her arms and to drink a cup
of 'blessed' water. The youth next had Sokmen put the
gold bracelets on top of the cup and told her "go into the other
room, massage your stomach, rid yourself of your troubles
and come back."

Five minutes later, Sokmen returned to find her bracelets
and the youth gone.  She called the police who have begun
to investigate. Sokmen lamented that "my husband is a
plumber at a construction site. Those bracelets were our
investment for our child's education. I still can't figure out how
I could have been so easily duped."

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 5 May 2014)

Cincileri adalet çarptı
Like shooting fish in a barrel for us evil genies...

In Iskenderun district of Hatay province, sentences were
handed down on 6 suspects who defrauded businessmen -
one of whom is a former Parliamentarian - of millions
by promising to extract earthenware jugs filled with gold
defended by evil genies.  The case came to court based
on the complaint of the former Parliamentarian, Abdulaziz

In the indictment, it is alleged that the suspects staged
scenes using the Koran, an earthenware jug, candles, a
white cloth, cardboard boxes, cotton, shovels and sheep
to hoodwink their victims by making them believe that
evil genies were guarding buried gold. Yazar was bilked
for $1,520,000, Bedi Gumus for $407,000, Nuri Uysen
and Sait Deniz for $325,000 each and Zeki Asma for

The suspects first got in contact with Zeki Asma, a real
estate agent, about buying a parcel of land. Suspect
Nevzat Acikgoz (fittingly, 'acikgoz' means canny/wily)
got Asma to believe that there were jugs full of gold
under his house protected by evil genies. Meanwhile
Acikgoz's accomplices 'found' some gold pieces they
had placed in a hole they dug in the garden.

Acikgoz next showed the 'discovered' gold to Asma
and said "the one  thing that will remove the genies is
incense called 'buhur' but it's sold only in Syria." For
this Asma gave Acikgoz $20,000. The other victims
were similarly bamboozled and all were made to swear
on the Koran that they wouldn't tell anyone else about
the situation.

Acikgoz even got the victims to believe that he had
fought with the genies by smearing a red substance
on his stomach. The 'genie squad' told its victims that
"God's subterranean lions are protecting your gold"
but former Parliamentarian Yazar got wise to their
trick and filed a complaint.

In the hearing held the day before yesterday the
6 suspects received sentences of from 2.5 to 20 years
5 months in prison and fines of from 20,000 to 245,000

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