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Bad 'Kaarma' Fatal for Turk Teen in Montana

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 30 April  2014)

Diren Dede moments before he was killed
Dede, moments before fate collided with Kaarma.

A Turkish teenager from Germany named Diren Dede (17), who
was in the U.S. state of  Montana as an exchange student,
entered a garage and was killed by Marcus Hendrik
Kaarma (29). Kaarma had left the garage door open, saying
"let someone come in and I'll shoot him."

According to an indictment prepared by the U.S. Attorney,
Kaarma's garage had been burgled 2 or 3 times previously,
which is why he left the door open and monitored the scene
via a camera linked to home. Kaarma's neighbors testified
that he had asserted that "I'm waiting every night for some
dumb kid to enter my garage and shoot him."

Dede's host family in Missoula, where he attended Big Sky
High School, said that Dede would not have entered the
garage to rob it. Dede was said to have no adjustment or
material problems, focusing his energy on football.

            The U.S. state of Montana

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