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Stud, Sheep and Goat Breeders Brawl in Samsun

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 May 2014)

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        An old-fashioned donnybrook!

Prior to the congress of the Samsun Stud, Sheep and Goat
Breeders Union, scheduled to start at the Carsamba district
training center at 9 A.M., tension built up among the 602
members. As the result of the objections of the delegates
the congress didn't get started until 1 P.M.

As Chairman Hasan Cakir read the agenda items there was
a vote to oust 7 members. Those serving as observers from
the concerned ministry at the congress stated that every
member would have to have his vote counted and so the
counting began. However, in the count made by Zia Okumus,
one of the observers, Murat Karagoz, expected to be a rival
to Ahmet Aydogdu for the Union presidency, was put up for
a vote. On the first ballot there were 95 votes to expel
Karagoz and 96 to retain him as a member.

At this point, Chairman Cakir claimed that the results were
actually the reverse, sending the congress hall into a fury.
Cakir continued to resist and was warned by the observers.
Nevertheless, Cakir scolded them, saying "Mind your own
business! You don't know anything!"  Cakir's harsh remarks
toward the observers shocked everyone.

Chairman Cakir then asserted that three people on Karagoz's
list who didn't show up for the meeting and whom Cakir
claimed had been expelled as members should not be allowed
on the list. In fact, Cakir stated that because of this Karagoz's
list was invalid.  This drew even more heated reactions in the

Cakir had to retreat somewhat because of pressure from the
observers but he nonetheless called for another vote on the
validity of the membership of Karagoz, who was a candidate
for president. When it was announced that the results were
against Karagoz, there was quite a negative reaction in the hall
toward Cakir and Aydogdu and members began leaving the

The observers checked with the ministry and it was decided
that both candidates and their lists were valid so the
presidential election began.

Carsamba district is in eastern Samsun province.

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