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Gruesome? Hilarious? Both?

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(Sabah Newspaper, 3 May 2014)

Savas T. burned his own house down in the bargain.

In Avcilar, Istanbul, a horrible murder came to light
in the aftermath of a house fire. Savas T., who had
worked alongside Senel Akalp for three years, argued
with Akalp while they were drinking in Savas T.'s house.
As a result, Savas T. stabbed Akalp to death.

Savas T. then cut off Akalp's head and limbs with a
saw and a knife but asked for help from friend Huseyin
S. with regard to getting rid of the body. They first wrapped
the body in a sheet, planning to take it outside, but they
feared they would be seen so they abandoned this plan.

Savas T. buried the head, arms and legs on the shore of
nearby Kucukcekmece lake but the problem of what to
do with the body remained. So on 27 April, Savas T. poured
gasoline over the body, set it on fire and fled to Bursa.

When firemen put out the fire they  found  the headless,
armless and legless body and called the police, who first
thought that the body belonged to homeowner Savas T.
However, a DNA test revealed that the body was that
of businessman Akalp, whose wife had reported him missing.

Police then set out after murder suspect Savas T. and captured
him in Bursa, along with friends Niyazi T. and Yusuf T.
All of them were brought back to Istanbul, where Savas T.
confessed to the murder and gave up Sedat C., Huseyin S.
and Aslan E., as well.  Savas T. and Aslan E. were jailed,
while the other suspects were freed pending trial.

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