19 Mayıs 2014 Pazartesi

Midnight Express Redux: Chocolate-covered Cocaine

turkce links to original Turkish article in Hurriyet

(Hurriyet and Sozcu Newspapers, 18 May 2014)

A tad sweeter and heavier than you might expect.

Anti-narcotics teams at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul became
suspicious when then saw South African Daniel Johannes
Bloem (25) holding tight to three boxes of  chocolates as he
processed for entry into Turkey after a flight from Abu Dhabi.

Acting in accordance with a profile and risk-analysis template
and using a drug-detection canine, the police seized and weighed
the boxes, which were labled as 700 grams each. The boxes
turned out to each weigh more than a kilogram. Police then
opened the boxes and discovered a new method of smuggling
cocaine: the drug was contained within each chocolate-covered

After his arrest, Bloem made the following statement: "the person
who gave me the boxes said that his friend would take delivery of
them from me. I don't know who was going to get them. I only
knew that there was chocolate in the boxes. I was duped."

Following his interrogation, Bloem was taken to jail.

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