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Mayoral 'Throne of Doom' (Finally!) Up for Sale

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 May 2014)

//ed. note: on 13 September 2013 we reported that the
infamous chair would be sold at auction. It appears that
news was premature, but the time seems to have come.
The town itself - Acarlar - no longer exists.//

O koltuk satılık
When the Electric Chair doesn't work...

The chair in which four mayors of Acarlar town
in Aydin province - all of whom died within one year -
sat has been put up for sale.  When the town, which is
in Incirliova district, was turned into a neighborhood
the mayor's chair became expendable and since the
townspeople considered it "ill-omened" (for good reason!)
the chair will be auctioned off.

Incirliova Municipal Council member Bulent Ozcan
explained that because the official chair is registered
they have not been able to rid themselves of it. Incirliova
Mayor Gursat Kale added that "we have no other choice
than to sell the chair at auction. It has gotten quite a lot
of notoriety in Turkey.

In 2012 Acarlar Mayor Yunu Senturk died of cancer.
His successors Adnan Yildiz, Celal Kaymak and Cafer
Yildirim all died of heart attacks while in office.

     Incirliova district is next to Aydin's capital city.

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