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Turkey's NSA Roiled by Divorce Case

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 2 May 2014)

Can't blame Ed Snowden for this mess...

TUBITAK (Turkey's NSA for cryptography) has been at
the center of the controversy surrounding the monitoring of
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's encrypted telephone. But
this time it's come on the agenda because of  a divorce case.

According to the claims contained in a complaint petition
submitted to the prosecutor's office, there was a falling out
between two TUBITAK employees who married in 2012.
As of 2013, S.C. K., a software engineer in SAGE (Defense
Industry Research and Development), and her husband I.K.
began living separately.

The husband filed for divorce and his software engineer wife,
suspecting that I.K. was cheating on her, used the devices
available to her in her work to break I.K.'s computer password
and she began to read his emails.  Not content with this,
however, S.C.K. pretended to be I.K.,  joined a dating
website and started sending messages to various women.

S.C.K. gathered all the information from the emails and dating
site and submitted it to Ankara's 10th Family Court, where
the case is being heard, asserting that "my husband is cheating
on me!" Seeing what his wife had presented to the court, I.K.
filed a criminal complaint with the Ankara Public Prosecutor's

In his petition, I. K. stated that "when we separated I changed
all my passwords but my wife used the devices in her work
place to break into my passwords. Pretending to be me, she
joined a dating website.  On top of this she submitted all this
information to the court, essentially admitting her guilt. I am
hereby requesting punishment."

Based on the complaint, the prosecutor opened an investigation.
The TUBITAK administration has also started a disciplinary
inquiry about the divorcing couple.

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