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Fantasy Desired but Her Plan Backfired

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 2 May 2014)

"She said robbery, but it turned out to be a sex fantasy!"

A.S. owns a construction company in Sisli, Istanbul, so
when he received a message on his phone to the effect
that his office had been robbed he informed the police.
Together with the police, A.S. went to the office where
they found cleaning lady A.G. tied to a chair.

In her initial statement, A.G. claimed that three armed
and masked men had robbed the office of  $32,000
and 1,700 TL, and had taken her own purse, as well,
before fleeing.

However, because of some contradictory statements,
A.G. was taken to the police station for interrogation.
A very different story then emerged. In turned out, according
to A.G.,  that she and her boss A.S. engaged in sexual
relations from time to time and created fantasies for themselves,
too. A.G. stated that this situation had arisen because of
the message she sent him for a new fantasy.

A.G. went on to explain that "I summoned him (A.S.) for a
fantasy, sending him a message that  'the robbers tied me to
a chair!'  Then I fixed the rope around my wrists and sat in
the chair waiting for just him  I was shocked to see the
police arrive along with him. Later on I decided it would be
best to tell the truth. I just wanted a little excitement."

After giving her statement, A.G. was released on instructions
from the prosecutor.

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