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Another B-Movie Script Begs Production

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(Sabah Newspaper, 29 May 2015)

Image result for oleg doev oleksandr dametov
    Oleg Doev, as depicted by Andy Warhol.

Oleg Doev and Oleksandr Dametov committed a murder in
Geogia and fled to Turkey where they used a 'skimmer'
device to copy credit cards at ATM's and commit fraud.
This activity brought the two to the attention of the police
and the killers are now being sought in Turkey, Georgia,
Ukraine and Russia.

It has been determined that the murder suspects and their
victim Baserion Khardziani were previously involved in
such criminal activity and worked in the same crime
organization.  A dispute arose between the three over the
profits from the copied credit card scam and Ukrainian
Doev and Russian Dametov murdered their cohort and
then disappeared.
Image result for sarp sınır kapısı haritası

The suspects entered Turkey through the Sarp border
crossing with Georgia and an "H" code arrest warrant
has been issued for them by Interpol. Security officials
in Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia are cooperating
to catch the suspects.

Image result for sarp sınır kapısı haritası
Sarp is on the Turkish side, opposite Batumi.

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