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'Nurse Party' at Hotel Draws Ire...of Nurses

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 16 May 2015)

‘Cinsel objeniz değiliz’
      What would Florence Nightingale think!?

In Belek, Antalya, a 5-star hotel decided to hold a "Nurse Party",
for its guests on 10 May. The hotel organizes a party each month
with a different concept and on the hotel's web site and Facebook
page they used a photograph of  an 'erotic' woman dressed in a
nurse's uniform to publicize this month's event.

The image used for the event's publicity got the Antalya office
of the Turkish Nurses Association into action.  With the support
of the Antalya Health Platform, the association wrote a letter
condemning the event to the hotel administration.  In the letter,
association chief Ferda Ülker wrote that "your poster, which shows
women nurses to be a thing of 'pleasure' and 'desire' and which
was prepared with a sexist attitude, compromises the honor and
respect of the nursing profession."

Ülker demanded that the poster not be distributed on the
internet or anywhere else and threatened legal action. The hotel
decided to cancel the event, in light of the bad publicity. Hotel
manager Orhan Ulutaş issued the following statement in hopes
of putting the matter to rest: "the intent was not to show nurses
as sex objects but just for publicity. It has been canceled."

Image result for antalya kemer haritası
   Kemer is just south of Antalya city.

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