25 Mayıs 2015 Pazartesi

Conscience Haunts Uncle; Neighbor Kills Lacking One

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(Hürriyet Newspaper. 25 May 2015)

 Erbaa district is in northern Tokat province.

Three years ago in Erbaa district of Tokat province, Muhitten
B. was taking his nephew to register for college when he hit
a garbage truck that had no lights and no warning sign.  The
young boy was killed and the public prosecutor opened a case
against Muhitten B.  However, since his brother's family did
not join the case and because of the pain he had already
suffered from the incident, Muhitten B. received no penalty.

The conscience-stricken Muhitten B., though, appealed the
verdict but the higher court rejected his appeal, noting that
"the suspect was taking care of his older brother's child, the
parents did not join the suit against Muhitten B. and the
bitter consequence of the incident was penalty enough for
Muhitten B. So, the court rejects this appeal."

 türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Haberin Adresi Website, 25 May 2015)

Halı yıkama kavgası cinayetle sonuçlandı
  Deadly rug-washing dispute between two Mustafas.

In Oğuzeli district of Gaziantep, a fight that erupted between
two neighbors over rug-washing ended in death.  The incident
occurred on Hisar Street in the Fatih neighborhood when the
two neighbors, Mustafa K. (49) and Mustafa Demiraslan (52),
argued and then fought about Demiraslan washing his rug on
the terrace.

Mustafa K. grabbed a knife from his kitchen and seriously
wounded Demiraslan, who despite all efforts at two hospitals
could not be saved.  Mustafa K. was taken into custody.

Oğuzeli district in on Gaziantep's border with Syria.

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