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Countryside Swings & Sways With Sex Parties

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 20 May 2015)

Tarlada VIP fuhuş
                    The crowded VIP minivan.

In Çumra district of Konya province, O.K. (!), who lives
on a farm with his two sons and his Georgian wife, was
taken into custody, along with 8 others in a 'prostitution

The gang is accused of forcing 8 foreign  women, some of
them Georgians, into prostitution in empty fields in a
triangular area between Çumra and the hamlets of Fethiye
and Alemdar. The gang even had a VIP minibus with a bed
in it.

The gang's take was about 5,000 TL (about 2,000 USD) per
day, with each of the 8 women forced into servicing between
10 and 12 customers each day. With one million TL that he
obtained through prostitution, gang leader O.K. is said to
have purchased 800 dönüm of land (about 200 acres) around

In a search of the farm, two women's passports, two
unlicensed revolvers and 5,000 USD said to have come from
prostitution, were recovered.  

Çumra district is in south central Konya province.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

//ed. note: see TNT item from a day or two ago about "Swinger"
parties in Adana.//

Image result for swinger kayseri villa
This villa swings, but not from an earthquake...

Some of the women who participated in the "Swinger Parties" said
that "for the parties, we went to different provinces on a tour."
An investigation by police revealed that when the women involved
couldn't find anyone to look after their children they would bring
them to the top floor of the villa, put them to sleep and then engage
in group sex parties, fueled by drugs and alcohol.

Out of sixteen couples that participated in the sex parties on a
regular basis, 11 were formally married. Six couples were from
Adana, five from Mersin, four from Osmaniye and 1 from Kayseri.

In order not to be trapped by their words via wiretaps, the
participants spoke in code. For example, two men and a woman
in a tryst was referred to as 'toast'.  Those who watched the
action were called 'soft', drugs were referred to as 'sugar' and
'nescafe', rich businessmen were called 'sheep's head' and
participants without spouses were referred to as 'walnut or trump'.

A naked servant who worked during the parties but who was
forbidden from engaging in relations was called 'slave' and
those participating for the first time were referred to as 'guests'.
The women who joined in the parties were recruited by gang
leader Eren Ş.'s girlfriend Ebru A.

Image result for swinger kayseri villa
        She sure looks all swung out.

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