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Elevating Garbage Collection to Murder

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 May 2015)

The late Faruç Özgan

Last Friday, Faruç Özgan, the superintendant at the Arman
Apartments building on 78147 Street in the Toros
neighborhood of Adana, began to collect the garbage of
each flat using the elevator.  At this time, Gülay Pekkaracan
(76) and her son Murat Pekkaracan (28) emerged from their
flat and entered the elevator, with garbage in it.

Gülay hanım took exception to riding in the same elevator
wıth the garbage and told Özgan to collect the garbage either
30 minutes before Friday prayers or afterwards.  An argument
ensued between Özgan and the Pekkaracan's, spilling out into
the apartment house garden.

Murat Pekkaracan and Özgan began to fight, with a punch
from Murat sending Özgan to the ground where he hit his
head on the cement. Özgan was taken to Çukurova Dr. Aşkım
Tüfekçi State Hospital and five days after the incident he
expired from head trauma.  Both Gülay and Murat Pekkaracan
have been arrested.

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            Adana province

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