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Soothsayer's Money-back Guarantee Expires

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 May 2015)

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                 Fortune-seller M.A.

In Istanbul, a woman named D.Y. (55) wanted to find a job for
her son and a suitable husband for her daughter so, based on the
recommendation of her neighbors, she knocked on the door of
a woman named M.A. (44), who has gained fame for breaking
evil spells.

Soothsayer M.A. told the mother that there was an evil spell
hovering above herself and her children.  In order to attract
suitors for her daughter and get her son employed and married
M.A. told D.Y. that she would have to pay her 1,000 TL
(about 350 USD).

D.Y. paid the money but after 15 days she went to M.A again
because there had been no change in the family's fortunes.
In response. M.A. told D.Y. that "I can't attract suitors for
your daughter for just a thousand lira. There's an evil spell
over you and your children. If this spell isn't broken you'll
have big problems. You have to pay me another 5,000 lira.
If the situation doesn't improve in three months come and
get your money back."

D.Y. forked over the additional 5,000 TL but three months
later her daughter was still unmarried and her son jobless.
So D.Y. went back to M.A. for a third time. However, M.A.
was not pleased to see her again and threatened D.Y., saying
"I'm going to use all my bad forces against you."

Having had her dreams unfulfilled and suffering insult in the
bargain, D.Y. filed a complaint with the public prosecutor.
Then, a case was brought against M.A. based on the
law that did away with dervish lodges, with a jail sentence
of not less than 3 months requested.  Despite a summons,
M.A. did not attend the hearing at the Anatolia 1st Serious
Crimes Court and a notice was sent to her mandating that
she attend the next one.

Image result for garantili büyü tutmayınca dava açtı

 What M.A. can do for you: 

* water fortune
* star chart
* marriage problems
* evil eye 
* getting along with a marriage prospect
* missing persons
* job situation/search
* economic problems
* getting along with others
* partner counseling 

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