4 Mayıs 2015 Pazartesi

Dinosaur Chicken-Killer; Bridge Interrupted

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(Sabah Newspaper, 4 May 2015)

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           T-Rex's chicken-eating descendant?

Recently in Osmaniye village of Izmit district in Kocaeli, chickens
have been found dead in their coops with their heads snapped off.
As the villagers tried to figure out how the chickens were killed
they came upon the carcass of a strange creature that resembled no
other and reminded them of a dinosaur.

The strange creature's carcass was found in the stable of Mehmet
Gürkan and turned over to the authorities for examination. Some
of the villagers said that "while some say it's a dinosaur, others
say that it's a mutation caused by the poison used to protect the

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               Kocaeli province


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Cumhürriyet Newspaper, 3 May 2015)

  Ortasına duvar örülen asma köprü görenleri şaşırtı

In Rize, about 10 years ago villagers built a 58-meter bridge
across the Askoroz stream in order to connect Akarsu and
Hamzabey villages.  However, with the construction of the
two-lane road between Rize and Güneysu, a retaining wall
was made that cuts the bridge in two.

Bayram Dinç, the village chief in Akarsu, noted that the
villagers are still using the bridge but have to jump over the
retaining wall built through the middle of it.  He insisted
that while the wall was being built through the bridge he
had alerted the concerned authorities but to no avail.

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             A bridge to make one sigh...

Dinç explained that "we took pictures before the wall was
built and sent them along with a petition to the 10th Regional
Highways Directorate. We received no response and then
the wall got built, cutting the bridge in half. The bridges
belong to the citizens. No one called us or gave us any
information. We're not against the road, we want it but not
this strange bifurcation. The state didn't help us at all when
we built the bridge and it needs to be preserved. It's a perfect
example of Black Sea ingenuity."

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                 Rize province

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