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Royal Ottoman Cousins Fight in Court Over Debt

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(Sabah Newspaper, 9 May 2015)

//ed.note: for previous TNT coverage from February 2011 of this
 entertaining noble family see:
hyderabad   //

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                     Princess Esra Birgen 

The granddaughters of 19th century Ottoman soldier-statesman
Fethi Ahmet Pasha, Rüya Mocan Nebioğlu and Esra Birgen, are
in court.

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                  Rüya Mocan Nebioğlu

Rüya Mocan Nebioğlu, who grew up living in the Fethi
Ahmet Pasha Mansion, known also as the "Pembe Yali" (Pink
Mansion), in Kuzguncuk, Istanbul, and who has gained world-wide
fame recently as the interior designer of the Falaknuma Saray hotel,
one of the world's best (coincidentally, in Hyderabad),  filed suit
against her cousin Princess Esra Birgen, the first wife of the Nizam
of Hyderabad (India) Bereket Shah* and the owner of Sedef Island
(the smallest of the Princes' Islands in Istanbul) because Princess
Esra has not paid back the 750,000 USD that Rüya hanım lent her.

Image result for princes islands map
Sedef Island is the furthest east of the 5 Princes' Islands

The suit has been going on for five years and a hearing was held
a few days ago in the Princes' Islands.  The court postponed the
case to a later date. Rüya hanım, who says she will fight to the end
to get the money Princess Esra owes her, explained that "I used to
love my cousin Esra but because she wanted my money she became
my enemy. For years she was mean to Maholya Onur (the Nizam of
Hyderabad's wife after Princess Esra and Miss Turkey of 1975) and
didn't give Manolya Onur her due. I'm going to get back the money
I gave her with interest."

Fethi Ahmet Pasha was called Rodosizade because he was the son
of Hafız Ahmet Ağa of Rhodes. Fethi Ahmet Pasha married Atiye
Sultan, the daughter of Sultan Murad II and was known as "damat"
(son-in-law).  He died in 1858. The places that bear his name in
Istanbul are Fethi Ahmet Pasha Yalısı (Mansion) in Kuzguncuk,
Fethi Pasha Korusu (wood grove) in Üsküdar and Rodoslu Ahmet
Fethi Pasha Mosque in Karacaahmet.

*bereket shah

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